PhD Program

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The doctoral program provides in-depth training in research and publication of an original research thesis in EE. It typically requires 3-5 years of study beyond the bachelor's degree.

The PhD program involves a thorough study phase comprised of advanced coursework in the student’s major area of study, development and presentation of dissertation research topic, and culminates in the presentation and oral defense of an original research thesis.

For PhD students with master degrees, 29 credits are required. For a student without master's degrees, 53 credits are required. In addition to 55 graduate-level courses mentioned above, an additional 18 PhD-specialized courses are offered to PhD students. 

After finishing the required course work, the students are expected to submit the literature review and topic selection report in the second academic year. Students should read and review academic papers suggested by their advisors, and present the topic selection report to the committee composed of at least three PhD advisors in the related research field.

The final dissertation is expected to be submitted three months before the defense. The dissertation is then sent out to three anonymous experts for evaluation. Students who fail in the evaluation need to resubmit three months later.

Before the final defense, candidates have to publish at least two papers related to his/her research topic in selected journals such as IEEE transactions. The committee of the final defense should include at least one member of the Degree Committee.

In addition to the above requirements, PhD students should report their research progress publicly in academic conferences and attend at least 20 academic lectures.