Collaboration memorandum was signed between the Institute of Fusion and Plasma of HUST and the Institute of Energy Science and Engineering of Kyoto University, Japan

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On October 30, 2019, the signing ceremony of the memorandum between the Institute of Fusion and Plasma of HUST and the Institute of Energy Science and Engineering of Kyoto University, Japan was held in HUST.

The two sides jointly signed the research cooperation agreement. The two sides will cooperate in magnetic confinement, turbulent transport, magnetic fluid instability, heating system and diagnosis of magnetic confinement system, Both sides will carry out joint research, personnel exchange and visit, share and exchange scientific research.

The signing of this cooperation agreement will certainly promote the cooperation and communication between China and Japan in the field of fusion plasma science and technology, and contribute to the further cooperation between the two sides.

Kyoto University in Japan has carried out the project of screw fusion for more than half a century. The screw is one kind of star simulator / screw in the magnetic confinement fusion system, which generates balanced magnetic field only through external coils.

The attendances of the ceremony includes: Professor DING Yonghua, CHEN Zhongyong, WANG Lu from the Institute of Fusion and Plasma and Professor Kazunobu Nagasaki from Kyoto University.