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Hu Jiabing and Lu Xinpei listed as Elsevier’s 2019 Most Cited Chinese Researchers

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Professor Hu Jiabing and Lu Xinpei of HUST SEEE were included in the list of 2019 Most Cited Chinese Researchers released by the world’s academic publishing giant Elsevier on May 7, 2020.

This time, the list encompasses 2,163 scholars from 242 universities/institutions/enterprises in China, which covers 38 disciplines.

It is known that the Elsevier list of Most Cited Chinese Researchers is based on objective quoted data from Scopus. Elsevier's Scopus database is the world's largest database of abstracts and citations, with more than 24,000 peer-reviewed journals of over 5,000 global publishers, 9.8 million academic conference papers, 220,000 books and 44 million patents. The list covers science, technology, engineering, medicine, social science, arts and humanities and other disciplines, which dates back to 1823.

Hu Jiabing, professor, doctoral supervisor, IET Fellow, IEEE Senior Member, IEC SC8A JWG5 working group convener and WG1/AHG3 working group expert,Winner of the Excellent Young Scientists Fund of NSFC, National Young Top-notch Talent, Youth Professor of Changjiang Scholars Program. He has been listed by Elsevier as a Most Cited Chinese Researcher in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from 2016 to 2019. His research interests include stability analysis and control of power systems with large-scale renewable energy, transient issues of power electronics enabled power systems.

Lu Xinpei, Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars Program, Winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. He is mainly engaged in the application research of gas discharge, water discharge, gas-liquid two-phase discharge, and discharge plasma in biomedicine. As the first author and corresponding author, Lu has published more than 160 SCI papers, including 2 Physics Reports (impact factor 22.9), 1 AppL. phys. Rev. (impact factor 12.8), with over 6000 SCI citations (H factor 36). He has published five ESI highly cited/hot papers. He has been included in Elsevier's List of Most Cited Chinese Researchers since 2014.