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Prof. Dong Jiang elected as IET Fellow

Author:    Release time: Sep 11, 2020    click:

Recently, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) released the latest Fellows List. Prof. Jiang Dong from SEEE of HUST was elected as an IET Fellow.


The IET is one of the world’s largest engineering institutions with over 158,000 members in 153 countries. It is the largest international academic society in Europe and the second largest one in the world (IEEE being the largest). Its professional classification covers 5 major industries, i.e. energy and electricity, transportation, information and communication, design and manufacturing, and architectural environment. IET Fellows are the highest academic honors of in the IET society, which are awarded to outstanding scholars and technical professionals who continuously have extraordinary achievements in engineering and technology. At present, three teachers from SEEE of HUST have been selected as IET Fellows (Hu Jiabing, Xu Wei, Jiang Dong), showcasing the powerful scientific research strength and international influence of SEEE.

Jiang Dong has worked as a professor in SEEE of HUST since 2015. At present, he is responsible for teaching two major courses in English and instructing more than ten graduate students. Jiang's main research area is power electronics and power transmission. By August 2020, he has published 1 monograph Advanced Pulse Width Modulation Technology for Power Electronic Converters and more than 100 academic papers in academic journals and international academic conferences, and holds over 20 authorized invention patents. Jiang has given tutorial lectures at many international conferences. He has won many international academic honors, including the Gold Medal AFJ Award of International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.