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Xu Wei elected as General Chair of IEEE PRECEDE 2023

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After many discussions within TC3 Meeting, VPC Meeting and AdCom departments of the IEEE PELS, the 7th IEEE International Symposium on Predictive Control of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics (PRECEDE 2023) will be held in Wuhan on June 2-5, 2023. The General Chair will be Professor Xu Wei from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

PRECEDE is a leading global conference in the field of predictive control ofelectric machine and power electronics, which is held around the world in turnevery two years. With the rapid development of microprocessors, modelpredictive control (MPC) has been gradually applied in the industry, and hasbecome one of the hot spots in academic research in recent years. Taking thefield of electric motor as an example, MPC is expected to further improve theperformance of the drive system on the basis of vector control and directtorque control, and continuously promote the development and growth ofindustrial automation and intelligent manufacturing.

Xu Wei, professor, doctoral supervisor, China Youth 1000 Talent, has beenengaged in motor design, control and system integration applications for along time. He is also IET Fellow, IEEE Senior Member, chairman of IEEE IES Wuhan Chapter, General Chair of the 2021 International Symposium on Linear Drives for Industry Applications (LDIA), and General Chair of the 2023 International Symposium on Predictive Control of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics (PRECEDE). Xu has presided over 6 national projects, published 3 Chinese and English monographs, accepted or published more than 100 journal papers in IEEE Transactions (2 highly cited papers, more than 4000 citations by Google Scholar, H index 32). More than 130 invention patents authored or co-authored by Prof. Xu have been authorized or accepted. Prof. Xu was invited to international conferences for presentations (lectures) for nearly 20 times. He also presided over the development of 1.3MW/100,000Nm wheel hub motors, switched reluctance motors (listed in the 2018 National Development and Reform Commission's high-efficiency energy-saving product catalog), and a number of linear motor products (linear subway motors, linear compressors, linear tamper, etc.).

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