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Research Team

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Innovative Research Team in University

Modern Power System Safety Techniques

Cheng Shijie 

This project is established in 2008 and accomplished in 2012. The main research fields include the security technology of large power grid and large units, the theory and technology of advanced power transmission and distribution, superconducting power technology, distributed power generation and microgrid technology. The team undertakes more than 200 horizontal projects and several government sponsored researching projects, including the National Program on Key Basic Research (973 Program), the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), National Science and Technology Major Project, National Science and technology support program and National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Innovative Research Team in University

Science and Technology of Pulsed High Magnetic Field

Li Liang

The team "Science and Technology of Pulsed High Magnetic Field" became innovation team of Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2011, passed the evaluation for acceptance in 2015, and received continuous support from MOE in 2017.

The team aims at the major national needs and has conducted systematic research on the pulsed high magnetic field technology, pulsed high magnetic field science, and industry applications of pulsed high magnetic field.

Innovation Team in Priority Areas

The Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

Yuan Xiaoming

The project was approved in early 2017. The research background of team members are based on the electrical engineering and electrochemistry. By conducting the research through interdisciplinary integration, the team strives to solve the key problems of stable operation and adequate power supply when large-scale renewable energy grid integrated into the power systems. The research focuses on the dynamic stability of power electronic power systems, scaled low-cost electrochemical energy storage systems, and their mutual effect.