Research Overview

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The School has been conducting a broad portfolio of cutting-edge research for several decades, with a particular concentration on the new fundamental theories and core technologies for economic development, scientific advancement, as well as emerging needs. Meanwhile, by promoting the interdisciplinary research and exploring the fundamental theories and applications, SEEE have also developed multidisciplinary research portfolios, making the EE discipline a more intact and systematic research framework.

Based on the above concept, the School has set two research categories, namely the “Classical Electric Power Engineering” and the “Multidisciplinary Electromagnetic Engineering.” The “Classical Electric Power Engineering” deals with the whole chain of the traditional electric energy, including generation, transmission, distribution and utilization, and is primarily applied to power systems, transportation electrification, etc. The“Multidisciplinary Electromagnetic Engineering,” however, mainly involves the fundamental theory and the key technology exploration related to the emerging electromagnetic energy applied to nuclear fusion, particle accelerators, pulsed magnetic field, etc.

In summary, focusing on new fundamental theory and core technology while exploring interdisciplinary research and emerging applications, SEEE has formed a distinctive feature of multidisciplinary research. Lots of research achievements have gained extensive world-wide attention and received national and international recognition.

Major research achievements are as follows:

Annual average research funding exceeds 300 million yuan

Obtained more than 600 patents in China, Europe and US

Published more than 2000 SCI papers, including 50 ESI highly cited papers and 7 hot papers

Awarded 16 National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, including 2 first-prizes and 14 second-prizes

Conferred more than 70 provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards