Jiang, Kai

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Ph.D., Professor

E-mail: kjiang@hust.edu.cn


ü Grid-scale energy storage technologies and applications

ü Electrochemical energy storage materials and devices

ü Advanced electrical materials

ü Materials physical chemistry


ü Wuhan University, School of Chemistry and Molecular Science, PhD (2001/09-2006/06)

ü Wuhan University, Department of Chemistry, Bachelor (1995/09-1999/06)


ü 2018/01- Now,  HUST, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Professor

ü 2012/03-2017/12,  HUST, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor

ü 2010/01-2012/02,  MIT, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Postdoc

ü 2007/02-2009/12,  Auburn University, College of Science and Mathematics, Postdoc



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1. Positive Electrode Materials for Liquid and Semi-liquid Metal Batteries. China Patent (ZL 201310131616.8)

2. A Modeling Method for Liquid Metal Batteries. China Patent (ZL201710488395.8)

3. One Kind of Preparation Method and Its Product of Titanium Dioxide for Sodium Ion Battery Anode. China Patent (ZL 201610895448.3)


ü Research on Key Technologies of Liquid Metal Energy Storage Batteries, supported by The National Key Research and Development Program (2018 –2021),

ü Research on Discharge Mechanism of Antimony Based Liquid Metal Electrodes, supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, No.: 51774148


ü Second Prize of Excellent Research Papers of Hubei Province, 2016


ü Committee Member of The Council on Electric Energy Storage of The Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE)

ü Committee Member of The Council on Energy Storage Engineering of The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society China (CIESC)

ü    Editorial Member of Energy Storage Science and Technology